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2007 Folklife Preview Concert
The Folklife Preview Concert was a big hit this year, with performances by storytellers, musicians, and dancers from both sides of the US-Canada border. This intimate concert was held at Town Hall on April 12 as part of the Global Rhythms Series.



Mark Roberts, Dan Compton and Andrea Cooper played a handful of beautiful reels, jigs, and polkas to open the concert.

Listen to Mark, Dan and Andrea play a polka medley.



John Doran, cowboy poet and raconteur from Twisp, WA told a rousing tale involving an out of control horse, a Colt 45, and a wild ride through the North Cascades.

Listen to "Zambo's Dream"



The Sikh Kirtani Jatha of Lynden, WA performed Sikh hymns, accompanied by tabla an harmonium. They perform in the Borderlands Concerts on Saturday and Sunday at the Festival.

Listen to an excerpt from Kirtani Jatha's performance



Squirrel Butter is the irrepressible duo of Charlie Beck and Charmaine Slaven, banjoist and buck dancer, respectively. They played a stompin' old time set, including this original song penned by Charlie himself.

Listen to "Pretty Little Red Boots" by Charlie Beck

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