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What is a podcast?

A Podcast is like a free radio show published by anyone on the net. You can listen to the files on your computer, through your web browser, or download them onto an iPod or digital music player. The link to listen and the link to subscribe to our podcast are both included on with each new episode we post on our main podcast page.

You can also find us in Apple's iTunes Music Store. To subscribe to Folklives through iTunes, click here. This will open your iTunes browser, where you can subscribe to our podcast. Once you have subscribed usng iTunes, new episodes of Folklives will be delivered to your computer each week.

You do not need an iPod or other personal device to listen to podcasts; as MP3s they will play on your computer using your favorite digital music player. If you don't want to subscribe, you can listen to individual episodes simply by clicking on any of the the "Listen" links on our Podcast page.

Our podcast rss feed is here.

Podcasting allows you to listen to each episode whenever and wherever you want. For more information about podcasting, read this.

For further assistance, please contact:
Gabe Strand
Program Coordinator, Northwest Folklife
(206) 684-7089


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