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Folklives #7: Outlaw Social
Monday, Nov 5, 2007

Outlaw Social play music that sounds at once traditional and thoroughly modern. On the surface, they are a five-piece old-time string band who can rock fiddle tunes with the best of them, anchored by a thumping upright bass. But as their name suggests, they exist not to replicate the sound of dusty 78s, but instead to extend the tradition in ways that excite modern audiences.

The band came down from their home in Victoria, B.C. last year to play at the Northwest Folklife Festival, and the audience was treated to a set of thrilling original songs and imaginatively reworked traditional material. Outlaw Social pushed on through a cold rain and delivered a performance that demonstrates their commitment to making dynamic and innovative folk music.

Length: 6:30
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The music in this podcast was drawn from Northwest Folklife's archival audio recordings.
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