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Folklives #5: Squirrel Butter
Monday, Oct 22, 2007

This time of year, farmer's markets across the Pacific Northwest are shutting down, as weekends become chilly and the fall harvest comes to a close. For Squirrel Butter, the indominable Seattle-based duo of buckdancer/guitarist Charmaine Slaven and banjo picker Charlie Beck, it's the end of a long season of outdoor street performing at these markets, where the two old-time champions entertain crowds who like their music as they like their fruits and veggies: locally-grown.

As tireless organizers, performers, teachers, and activists in the Seattle old-time music scene, Charlie and Charmaine are committed to making things happen. From watching them perform, be it with Squirrel Butter or their band The Tallboys, it's clear their motto is the old-time credo "Play all night, don't go home." So next time you see Charmaine or Charlie at a squaredance or jam, buy them a beer and show your thanks - they may reward you by playing just a little bit longer.

Length: 6:48
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The music in this podcast was drawn from Northwest Folklife's archival audio recordings.
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