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Pacific Razor Clam (Siliqua patula)

Folklives #3: Hobe Kytr from the Folklife Archives

This edition of Folklives reaches into the past and comes up with a real treasure: Columbia River historian, fisher-poet, and folk-singer Hobe Kytr. Hobe is an unmatched resource on the history of the Columbia River's Clatsop bayou country, its personalities, wildlife, and folkways. At the 1984 Northwest Folklife Festival, Hobe gave the performance heard here, accompanying himself on the banjo and guitar. This self-penned song, Hobe explains, is about the deep-digging razor clam, most elusive and cunning inhabitant of cloudy Clatsop County beaches.

Length: 8:43
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The music in this podcast was drawn from Northwest Folklife's archival audio recordings.
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