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Folklives #12: Calvin Johnson
Monday, Dec 10, 2007

Success in music can be judged in a few different ways: records sold, videos played on MTV, money made. It could be argued, however, that the artists who have made the biggest impact are those who have opened up new ground and created space for musicians who do not fit into these standard models of success.

As a producer, record company owner, singer and musician, Calvin Johnson has diligently tilled the Pacific Northwest for 25 years, helping to plant an independent music scene that has grown to maturity and borne its own fruit of success: a generation of musicians who exist in a space where musical success is based on creativity, exploration, humor, and free thought.

2007 brought Calvin Johnson to the Northwest Folklife stage for the first time. This week's episode features two songs from that performance.

Length: 12:42
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The music in this podcast was drawn from Northwest Folklife's archival audio recordings.
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