Sunday, May 25

Global Drums & Dance Showcase

The Bagley Wright Theatre rocked and thumped to the beat of percussion traditions from all over the world over on Sunday morning. Yaw Amponsah, Ghanaian master drummer, led his group Akoma in Asante court drumming rhythms. Then Kaze Daiko gave an athletic taiko drumming performance. Fare o Tamatoa captivated the audience with powerful Tahitian drumming and dance. Finally, the audience was blown away by Mawungira Enharira, an incredible mbira group visiting from Zimbabwe.

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Asante Drumming from Ghana
11:00AM Bagley Wright Theatre
Kaze Daiko
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Japanese Drum Youth Group
11:40PM Bagley Wright Theatre
Fare o Tamatoa/Tearava
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Tahitian Drumming & Dancing
12:20PM Bagley Wright Theatre
Mawungira Enharira
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Mbira Masters from Zimbabwe
1:10PM Bagley Wright Theatre

Center House Theatre

Our friend Peter Rothbart from Found Magazine visited Folklife to share his latest finds. Listen to find ot what Found is all about.

Danbert Nobacon gave a raw, punked out folk blues concert afterwards.

FOUND Magazine
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Examine All Trash!
4:10PM Center House Theatre
Danbert Nobacon
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Punk Blues Lounge Noir
5:00PM Center House Theatre

Global Women's Voices

Sunday evening, the Center House Theatre was home to a global contingent of talented female vocalists and musicians. Music from India, Appalachia and Japan rubbed shoulders in this intimate, informal concert.

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International Vocals and Percussion
6:30PM Center House Theatre
Srivani Jade
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Songs of the Indian Seasons
7:10PM Center House Theatre
Bonnie, Linda & Claudia
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Old Time Tunes & Songs
7:50PM Center House Theatre
Mako & Munujuru
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Okinawan Music
8:30PM Center House Theatre

Indigenous & Indigenius Hip Hop

As part of the 2008 Cultural Focus: Urban Indians, this concert presented young Native poets, actors, and MCs who are telling their stories through drama and hip hop. Red Eagle Soaring is a local youth drama program, and they performed an original play. Komplex Kai cam down from Tulalip to represent Northwest Coast hip hop. Culture Shock Camp, a group of Naive American musicians and activists from across the Western U.S. finished up the show .

Red Eagle Soaring
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"Tobacco Leaves"
A New Drama
7:00PM Bagley Wright Theatre
Komplex Kai
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Native Stories Thru
Hip Hop
8:00PM Bagley Wright Theatre
Culture Shock Camp
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Indigenious Hip Hop
9:00PM Bagley Wright Theatre

Raisin' a Ruckus: New Old Time Bands

Old-time musician, dancer and superhero Charmaine Slaven coordinated this show, which put the best young old time musicians we know of up on the Fisher Green for 3 hours of pickin' and stompin'.

Harmony duos, fiddle tunes, and old-timey novelty was in full swing as these bands showed that even though it's old, it ain't going away on their watch.

The Whiskey Swillers
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Rollicking Old-Time Duo
6:00PM Fisher Green
Squirrel Butter
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Old Time Pickin' & Cloggin'
6:45PM Fisher Green
Sarah Comer
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Young Hands, Old Fiddle Tunes
7:30PM Fisher Green
Water Tower String Band
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Old Time Music at its Finest
8:15PM Fisher Green

Africa in the Northwest

These bands represent the spectrum of contemporary West African music in the Pacific Northwest. Amadanyo is groove-laden Afro-pop at its finest, Soyaya plays guitar-based palmwine jams, and Yeke Yeke is a traditional Senegalese percussion ensemble that never ceases to bring Folklife audiences to the height of ecstacy.

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World Music Experience Band
7:00PM Fountain Lawn
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African Palmwine Music
7:40PM Fountain Lawn
Yeke Yeke
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West African Rhythms
8:20PM Fountain Lawn

Arab Showcase

These artists are influential contributors to the musical lives of Northwest Arab communities, and the filled theatre attested to how much they are appreciated.

Maurice Rouman
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Egyptian Oud Master
3:45PM Charolotte Martin Theatre
Nassem's Band
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New Flavors of Arab Music
4:30PM Charlotte Martin Theatre

Awesome Celtic Show!

Program Coordinator Devon Leger insists this is indeed an awesome Celtic show. With Uilleann pipes, accordians, Sean-nos dance, and driving jigs and reels, the Northwest Court audience certainly agreed with him.

Eliot Grasso
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Irish Uilleann Piper
7:00PM Northwest Court
Maldon Meehan and Footnotes
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Irish Sean-nos Dance
7:50PM Northwest Court
Johnny Connolly Band
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Hard-Stomping Irish Music
8:35PM Northwest Court
The McKassons
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Contemporary Scottish Fiddle
9:25PM Northwest Court



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